Who We Help

Are your current life and business not what you envisioned when you started?

Do you have more bills than funds to pay all of them?

Are you the most important employee of your company and are you under-compensated?

Are you spending too much time working in your business vs. working ON your business?

Has your company growth stalled and your team isn’t as focused as you want them to be?

Are you thinking of an exit strategy, but aren’t sure you know the best way to maximize value?

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone. 

Congratulations! You are at another stage of your entrepreneurial success.

It’s time to bring in Ike and Erson and grow through this next stage together!

Build The Vision You’ve Had From The Beginning


As serial entrepreneurs and integrators, we know startups. We know the grind, and we know how hard it is to be an expert at everything. For startups that are fully funded and serious about growing, we're the firm that you bring on to make sure you get where you're going.


Maybe it's been a long time since you've seen major growth in your company. Maybe you're stuck working late nights in the business with little time left over to work on the business. If you're ready for growth, and ready to say goodbye to wasted time, effort, and money - we can help.

Private Equity Firms

De-risk your investments of portfolio companies and get the company you thought you bought. If ROI is suffering and the timeline for investment is lagging, help your investments become more profitable and efficient with the EOS ® and Profit First © programs. We can help because we are a team of entrepreneurs and integrators. 

"When faced with our highly experienced COO leaving the company, we turned to Ike & Erson to help in what we all thought would be a short-term engagement.  After working with them for several months it was clear they were able to not only catch up to where our previous director was but has now surpassed expectations.  Our intentions are to continue to use Ike & Erson as we design and chart out the course for the next phase of our business."

Joe Milam, Halcyon SP

I&E helps companies transition from amazing people doing amazing things to one run by predictable systems producing amazing results. It is awesome to be in a small group of folks just killing it but that culture tends to not scale and is risky for the owner. If something goes wrong with one of their superheroes, the company can fail. I&E follows the “Profit First” methodically to make sure the company’s finances are positioned for growth and change and then leverages the Traction EOS to systematically modify each business system for risk reduction and growth. While the process is a long one (many years) benefits are typically seen in the first few weeks. These are the tools I used to grow my company and get it ready to be sold. I’d be happy to talk to anyone you might know who is in the market to grow their company.

Adam Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur