Our Story & Our Mission

We founded Ike & Erson in 2018. As entrepreneurs and integrators ourselves, we understand the grind and hustle it takes to make a business work well – to turn a vision into reality. To build the life and business you’ve wanted since the beginning. 

No business owner wants to have more bills than funds to pay them, to be under compensated, or to spend more time working in the business instead of on the business! That’s why we found a better way. 

Using the EOS ® and Profit First © systems, we help business owners build the business they had in mind from the beginning. We Implement Tools to Help You Simplify, Clarify, And Achieve Your Vision!

We are currently located in Greenville, SC at the NEXT Innovation Center

Zachary Eikenberry

Zach(ary) Eikenberry has served in a variety capacities as a serial entrepreneur over his time since graduating from Purdue University with degrees in Philosophy and Economics. He has been a highschool teacher, conference speaker, community college instructor, mentor, business executive, and church community group leader since relocating to Greenville in 2009. He is passionate about new education paradigms, understanding the greater world around us, and making a serious difference in the lives of others.

Previous to launching Ike & Erson, he served as the Founding CEO of the NEXT Schools at the age of 28. He currently serves as a business adviser to two companies, on the board of two community organizations, and as an Elder at East North Church. Additionally he loves being married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer, as they raise their two daughters, Sophia and Adelaide, with their annoying yorkie terrier puppy.

Anthony Thomas
Anthony has been transforming organizations for the past 15 years – taking aspirations to fruition.  He has impacted positively family businesses, medium-sized businesses and nonprofits – resulting in accelerated growth in companies, the sale of a business and mission achievement.

Anthony complements the Visionary Entrepreneur as an Integrator, by initiating and coaching, or by leading efforts that strategically integrate and transform an organization’s financial management, teamwork and operations.  He serves clients by implementing systems that provide clarity, energize people and enable teams in order to facilitate accelerated organizational growth and profitability.  His passion is for helping others achieve significance in addition to success.
The Team

Zach(ary) Eikenberry

Founder & CEO


Adam Anderson

Founder & Strategist

Anthony Thomas

President & Chief Transformation Officer